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Santero 958 Glam gold extra dry sparkling wine


This extra dry bubbly has a distinctive bright gold color-the glamorous taste for any occasion.

Ideal for cocktails with friends.


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Glam from today is the name of the new Santero 958 signature sparkling wine.

Santero 958 Glam gold, extra dry bubbly, means charm, seduction, fashionable style. It is a new, innovative product that does not stop at perlage: it goes beyond.

This bubbly from the 958 Santero extra dry line has an attractive and modern design.

An extra dry sparkling wine with all the aromas and flavors of the best made-in-Italy bubbles and a special bright gold color-the glamorous taste for every occasion.

Manufacturer : Santero

Type: dry

Alcohol content: 6.5%.

Format: 0.75 liters

Serving temperature: 6/8°


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