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958 Santero Bellini Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine


It beautifully accompanies desserts, especially dry pastries. It is also excellent as an aperitif.


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Bellini non-alcoholic sparkling wine from Santero's 958 line is the bubbly for everyone, perfect for those who want to toast in company and get back on the road safely.

All the pleasure of 958 Santero Bellini sparkling wine in a version with zero alcohol, sweet to which is added a fresh, fragrant aroma and taste of peach.

This sparkling wine from Santero's 958 line is the classic bottle to uncork on any occasion; it pairs beautifully with desserts, especially dry pastries.

The non-alcoholic bellini we strongly recommend as an aperitif.

Manufacturer : Santero

Type: sweet

Alcoholic strength: 0° non-alcoholic

Format: 0.75 liters

Serving temperature: 6/8°


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